International Organisation for Standardisation (SC 42 – Artificial Intelligence)

In April 24th-26th, Viveka Bonde participated in the International Organisation for Standardisation’s (SC 42’s) plenary session about Artificial Intelligence.
This time the delegates met in Berlin. All the international delegates meet physically (f-2-f) twice a year to discuss the latest AI evolvements.
During the plenary session, Viveka Bonde was confirmed as the project leader and driver of the New ISO Product dealing with AI and ethics,
namely the suggested Technical Specification; ‘AI – Addressing Societal Concerns and Ethical Considerations’.
The European Commission attended the event and at Bonde Advokater we find ourselves well placed to give advice to all organizations, in terms of adapting to and conforming with the draft EU AI Act, that comes into play in 2025.